Want a great way to let your marketing staff know that they are appreciated? Check out these great gifts to let them know you’re proud of their hard work!

     10. Water Bottle

After all that coffee, it’s important to stay hydrated. A water bottle is a simple gift to give that will promote a healthy lifestyle….or another way to travel with coffee 😉

     9. Drawstring Bag

No one wants to carry everything around in their arms. A Drawstring Bag can be a perfect solution to this problem. It could even provide an opportunity to stick your logo on the bag and you have publicity for your business wherever they take it. Whether they use it for work or to take on a trip, your name and logo travels with them.

     8. A moleskin notebook

This is a great item marketers can take on the go with them and keep track of their ideas in one convenient spot to refer to. With their brain always on the go, having this outlet to track ideas and tasks to complete will be a great benefiter.

      7. Battery Pack

A big part of business and work done by marketers is online. Always being mobile can sure drain your phone’s battery. A Battery Pack will give both their phone an extra boost and the employee themselves knowing they have plenty of battery left to complete their work.

      6. Wireless Earbuds

Whether relaxing or working, music is a great way to keep the creative ideas flowing or just unwind. Wireless Earbuds are easy to travel with and use whenever needed.

      5. Coffee/Starbucks Gift Card

Caffeine is the one thing that keeps most marketing executives awake and fuels their creativity. Coffee or a Starbucks gift card is a safe way to play it.

      4. Dropbox

A great place for sharing and storing documents, but the free version has limited space. Buying more space for them to share and manage their ideas will create an organized, happy atmosphere for them to work.

      3. Kindle Reader

Any good marketer loves reading, but with them being on the go so much it’s hard to remember to bring a book along or to keep track of which book they’re in the middle of.

      2. Spotify Subscription

What better item to go online with the wireless earbuds than a Spotify Subscription? For some, music helps employees stay focused and productive. Whether it’s listening to classical music or 80s rock, this subscription is sure to keep them motivated and feel appreciated.

      1. Support

A stand out gift making sure to leave a lasting impression on your employees is the reassurance in knowing that, as their boss, you have their back. Lending an ear and offering your support can go a long way.

Whether it’s for a holiday season or just because, these gifts are a great way to let your employees know you value their time and effort. A simple thought or act of kindness can be the reason you put a smile on someone’s face and brighten their day.