Hobbies are a great way to get out of ‘work mode’, relax, and stretch different parts of your brain. Although your hobbies may not seem like they are extremely educational, they actually offer positives when it comes to business, marketing, advertisement, and the creativity it takes to be successful in these industries. Below are a few hobbies that will actually make you better at Marketing.


Reading is a great way to keep your brain active with a splash of creativity. Whether it’s reading blog posts, novels, or magazines, the different ideas in your readings are great ways to get inspiration and creativity.


Following instructions, while also using creativity are two aspects that involve both cooking and marketing. Challenging yourself by trying a new recipe will create an open-minded atmosphere for following directions with the opportunity to put your own splash of creativity into this tasty project.


This artistic project keeps the creative paint brushes and pencils flowing. Giving the analytical, statistical side of your brain a break and using the artistic side will boost the marketer inside you. Marketing and Advertisement involves that creative bone as well as analytical. Opening your mind to new colors, textures, and fonts can help when it comes to branding, logo design, social media content, and web design.


Photography can open your eyes to see different perspectives, colors, and depth. By taking pictures, you can see things from a different lens, literally! Stepping behind the camera requires a different eye for detail which can be implemented in future marketing campaigns. Being involved in this form of art, extends your marketing muscle.


Improvisation is a great way to get outside your comfort zone, try new things, and expand your mind. Going outside your comfort zone might be necessary when working on a project for a potential client. Trying new things and having fun with it are essential in creating and reaching new objections. Improvisation also generates the idea of thinking on your feet. In business and marketing, making quick decisions and ideas is a coveted asset to have.

Video Games

Video games are steadily taking over most smartphones, computers, and game systems. Video game names offer a great example when it comes to branding. Often they are short, to the point, and you know exactly what you are getting into when you read the title. Sometimes companies like to be mysterious in their naming; however, this does not always yield positive results as it can confuse your customers. Pre-orders are becoming more popular. Customers can put money down to buy a game before it is released which will mean that as soon as it is available they will receive it. Marketers can encourage this to their clients and offer an early order incentive.


A great way to exercise your brain are puzzles. These provide an opportunity for problem-solving in order to reach an objective. Sometimes to yield results, you need to look at a problem from a different point of view, test a few different pieces to see what works the best, and ultimately find the best fit for your customer’s needs.

Playing an Instrument

Playing an instrument is not only ‘music to the ears’ but also a great exercise for the brain. Learning an instrument uses multiple parts of the brain including visual, auditory, and motor cortices.[1] This activates different areas that may not be used in typical daily tasks. A good brain exercise can bridge the gap between the left and right side of the brain providing faster comprehension in coming up with ideas and problem-solving. New, fresh ideas and meeting objectives are very important when it comes to marketing.


This list provides a brief insight into how you can turn normal hobbies into marketing resources. Next time you sit down to enjoy a book, paint a picture or play the piano, remember that all of those activities are stimulating and benefitting the creative side of your business and marketing.

[1] https://www.brainpickings.org/2015/01/29/music-brain-ted-ed/