Branding has gotten much more crucial in these times due to the rise of the internet. Nowadays, to develop a successful business brand, regardless of the area you work in, you have to establish a sharp image and infrastructure on the internet. However, the most common question I hear from my clients is “Why is branding so important”? So to that, I say, “Let’s have a look, shall we”?

First off, Branding can represent many things for your business. Your brand is all about who you are as a business and what you want to offer to your target audience. Perhaps you run an Italian restaurant downtown, and your brand (or your mission statement, if you will) is all about providing the most delicious, genuine Italian plates thus making every one of your business interactions, centered around that goal.

While that is an important reason to use branding in your business, it’s not the only; image also plays a very significant role. Image covers a lot of different aspects: vocabulary, terminology, slogans, logos, use of color palettes, even the type of music you may use for commercials or inside your diner. Branding creates a very specific image for your project so it can stand up from the rest of your competition and get your target audience’s attention in a much stronger and more lucid manner.

While every single company or business is different and they all have their unique characteristics, there are a few steps that I find to be mandatory, regardless of the industry that you’re in.

Mission Statement

  • Write down from the get-go what your business is all about and what you want to achieve. What’s your purpose, what are you, and what problem are you solving for me? This is described as your mission statement. A mission statement needs to be concise. We aim to deliver the best hand-made Italian meal that you’ve ever had, while dining at fast-food prices or We bring modern businesses into the 21st century. (I’m a personal fan of the last one). Just by hearing your mission statement, I should understand what your business does, and how it relates to my needs. Having a clear mission statement in mind allows you to keep your mind on track while working on Business Development of any sorts.


  • It’s well known that people prefer pictures over words, and this is where logos come in. If I just mention the word, “swoosh” you probably know exactly what brand I’m talking about. The best logos are simple, but with a creative aspect too. If you take a close look at FedEx’s logo you’ll see an arrow pointing to the right, which can be interpreted as moving forward or simply moving. In FitTech Hosting’s logo, if you look closely at the “C” you’ll notice that it’s actually a server rack – which is promoting our main line of business. If you have your logo professionally designed, be sure to request the source file for it and store it somewhere you’ll remember – having the source file will allow for simple changes without having to scrap and start over.


  • Consistency is key! It’s no use for you to do all these things one day and then next week change to another format, logo or the terminology – you’re only going to confuse your target audiences and end up wasting money. Always be consistent, always be reasonable with what you want to achieve; that way you’re going to see much better results. This is where creating a branding guideline really helps you with staying on the right track.

Putting your branding to work!

  • Your business’ message has to be transmitted throughout all its mediums. This includes email marketing campaigns, social media platforms, videos, ads and a lot more. Even your employees have to maintain these terminologies in order to add certain cohesiveness to your business, which is something all brands aspire to.

Branding is an important step in every business that many tend to put off. It may look scary or overwhelming at first, but with a little bit of effort, you can achieve way more than you can imagine.