Need a good laugh? We have created a collection of some of the best marketing jokes and puns we’ve heard. Keep scrolling for more relatable, laugh out loud content.

Have you heard about the strategies where we collaborate with only ill celebrities?

It’s called influenza marketing and it’s really going viral.


How do you know if you’ve been doing too much email marketing?

You look for the “unsubscribe link on a postcard”


Why did the bakers marketing campaign fail?

They couldn’t come up with the dough.


You should always hire a bad B2B marketer to make your butter

they have a high churn rate.


“Can’t we just use AI to manage our sales funnel for us?”

Alexa: “I found four places that sell funnel cakes close to you.”


Why do cab drivers make good content marketers?

They can really drive in traffic


Why was the social media marketer out of office?

He went to a company-wide retweet


Why did the marketer get fired as a tap dancer?

She wanted to get paid per click


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