What Does Working at a Marketing Agency/Firm Look Like?

Interested in the life of a marketer? It differs from firm to firm, but overall working in the atmosphere of a marketing firm is a unique experience. Here is some insight into what it’s like to work at a marketing firm that I’ve learned first-hand from working at FitTech Hosting. Variety Working at a marketing...

The ABC’s of Marketing

Marketing is a vast industry with various topics of different levels of importance. You might have dozens of tabs open in your head trying to understand all of the aspects of marketing. Not sure where to start? We have compiled The ABC’s of Marketing Tips just for you!

Direct Mail Is Winning

The 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Direct Mail

There are many opportunities to market when it comes to spreading the word about your products, services, or business in general. While social media is becoming more familiar, Direct Mail is still successful. Are you hesitant in starting this campaign? Check out some of these common misconceptions when it comes to Direct Mail. Direct Mail...