Marketing is a vast industry with various topics of different levels of importance. You might have dozens of tabs open in your head trying to understand all of the aspects of marketing. Not sure where to start? We have compiled The ABC’s of Marketing Tips just for you!

Advertise – put yourself out there whether by digital marketing, direct mail, or email campaigns

Branding – establish an image for your product or service and stay consistent

Creativity – think outside the box! Don’t just go with the flow, find out what works best for your company

Demographics – knowing your target market inside and out will let you connect more personally with them

Email Campaigns – email has become a reliable way of communication between people, use this to promote products, services, or just start a conversation with a prospect

Forecasting – when it comes to the analytics aspect, forecasting the numbers and characteristics of your target market will help in determining what next steps should be taken or changed

Goals – to be effective, setting attainable, measurable goals for your company is essential. This will help you stay on track with something you are working toward

Hashtags – these can help your client engagement, but knowing how many is too many is key to successful use of hashtags for your posts

Imagery – not only is compelling writing engaging, but so are the use of pictures. Share a fun picture from a work event, or a behind the scenes shot of the office. This will appear more personal to the viewer

Jargon – you may have the industry knowledge to understand the technical words used; however, keep in mind that your audience may not have the same knowledge and may need more clarification

KPI – key performance indicators measure the success of a certain activity your company has decided to pursue. These are helpful in gaging the success of campaigns

Logo – your logo is not just a picture or fancy symbol; it is something that represents your company and can be a major staple in your branding

Marketing – if you are a marketing firm constantly serving your clients with the best content, don’t forget about providing your own platforms with content

Niche – finding your specialized area in your target market and reaching out to that group will put you in a specific niche market to be successful

Optimization – or more specifically, search engine optimization. Using those keywords in your content righting will organically bring you to the top of search pages

Promote – always be promoting your company, it could be as simple as carrying business cards with you or using a company pen and leaving it behind for the next person

Quantitative Data – numbers, stats, and analytics are quantitative data that can be analyzed to determine where you stand as a company

Relationships – forming a professional relationship with your clients and even competitors will let everyone in your industry know you mean business

Social Media – almost everyone is on their phones looking at some type of social media site. Use this to your advantage and make sure your social media channels are up to date with relevant engaging content

Teamwork – working in the marketing industry often times it is beneficial to have a teammate to bounce creative ideas back and forth

Unique – when marketing, be the one that stands out and is different from everything you’ve seen

Value – your clients, employees, managers, and work that is done is all valuable and essential to running a well-operated machine. Take time to recognize and value the effort it takes

Website – one of the first things a client or prospect looks at is your website. Makes sure it is always updated information and content that best reflects who you are as a company

eXamples – struggling to think of new content? Take a look around your office, go outside, pet a dog, there are inspiring examples all around you that may trigger new content

You – the main focus of any content writing should be “you”, the audience. Always make sure the content is being written with intent to engage the audience

Zero reasons to panic – coming up on a deadline? Struggling creatively? Reach out to a friend, colleague, coworker, manager. We’ve all had those days and there is always someone willing to lend a hand!

What other tips do you have? Do you have an idea for the letter X? What about Z? Let us know! We want to hear from you!