Interested in the life of a marketer? It differs from firm to firm, but overall working in the atmosphere of a marketing firm is a unique experience. Here is some insight into what it’s like to work at a marketing firm that I’ve learned first-hand from working at FitTech Hosting.


Working at a marketing firm means you get many different tasks from many different industries. It is rare of two are ever the same and would like the same content produced. This provides a changing environment with what types of clients you work with and what content they need produced.

Creative Atmosphere

If you walked into the office of a marketing firm, odds are you would see bright colors, pictures, a whiteboard or projector among other things to stimulate creativity and always being ready to write down an idea.


Sometimes it’s helpful to bounce ideas back and forth off a coworker. Talking with someone else regarding a project helps to put another perspective on it and create new ideas you may have not thought of on your own.

Team Effort

Often, a project is very much a team effort. One person could have done all of the content writing for an article to be published, but an additional person will always check over it, offer suggestions, and generally check to make sure spelling and grammar are correct as well.


Working for a marketing firm, you will be given a lot of clients whose services you don’t know much about. You may need to research their company, their mission, and how you can most effectively represent them. It is impossible to know every company in existence and everything about them. Doing research is encouraged and will be a big part of your process in creating content.


Marketing isn’t all about posting the funniest picture with the most creative caption, it also takes attention to analytics and the data to be successful with those funny pictures and clever captions. Knowing you’re spending your money on campaigns that are working based on successful analytics is an important key in the marketing industry.

Every day is different working at a marketing firm and that keeps for a fun, fast-paced environment with the opportunity to continually learn new things and apply them to future projects.

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