Working at a marketing firm, we do sit back every once in a while and admire other agencies’ work. Reading into advertising is both a curse and a blessing of us agency employees – I now find myself looking forward to commercials, and actually reading billboards throughout my commute, just to get some creative inspiration.

Here just a few that we’ve seen in our day-to-day life and had to step back and think “Wow, that’s pretty amazing.”


They have created a song based on a play on words of their business name, MailShrimp. After hearing this catchy tune you can’t help but sing along to it, even days later. Because of the obscurity of it, people can’t help but question what it’s from, therefore generating advertisement and publicity just from curiosity. MailChimp boasts “we’re not so concerned with what people call us. We’d much rather show you who we are”. 

And yes, this song does make our office playlist a bit too often.


Toward the end of the year, Spotify generates a year in review of music for its listeners detailing their most listened to artists, songs, and genres. Many people take part in posting these results to their social media accounts, thus generating nearly-free publicity for Spotify. Based on my personal observations, it also seems that they invested a lot of money into Snapchat advertising right around this time as well, creating a pretty well planned integrated marketing campaign.  An easy and viral marketing move on Spotify’s part!

Shake Shack

The first time I walked into Shake Shack after meeting with a client Downtown, I was like “Dang, they’ve really got a top-notch branding game going for them”. The green colors, the simplistic images, the uniquely created product names, and most importantly the consistency all encompass great branding.

The design studio, Pentagram, who was responsible for creating Shake Shack’s published the work they’ve done for Shake Shack online and I have it stored in my inspirational archive.

Trek Bicycle

Not only do they offer top of the line bikes, but a lifetime guarantee on all bikes they make. This is good on all framesets and mainframes for the lifetime of the original owner. That’s impressive! It keeps current customers coming back for more with the confidence that Trek can help them with any of their needs or maintenance.

John Legere / T-Mobile

The CEO of T-Mobile does an outstanding job of posting consistently on his social media feeds, specifically Twitter. He isn’t directly promoting T-Mobile, but by default draws attention to his company by bringing in visitors to his personal page. He holds drawings and giveaways while maintaining a personal sense on social media creating that aspect of transparency.

Marketing and advertisements are all around us whether we acknowledge it directly or not. It can be as simple as a color scheme associated with a popular company, or a small “swoosh” on the side of your sock but the results can lead you to being one of the next fortune 500 companies.

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