It’s that time of year! Q4 is officially (almost) over which is leading to people doing some business planning in these colder months. As we were doing our quarterly internal planning here at FH, we decided to share some of the things that we’re going to focus on this year, that could also apply to your business.

Set achievable, measurable goals

Setting goals for your business is important in order to stay on track and work toward an end result. Meeting these goals, just falling short, or exceeding them with flying colors will provide insight in how you were successful or unsuccessful.

Your goals don’t have to be large either, it’s a great idea to set yourself smaller weekly or monthly goals which will make sure you stay on the right track and stay motivated!

I’d highly recommend following the S.M.A.R.T goal system, which ensures your goals are…


Develop and stick to a strategy

Wanting to increase your followers? Draw in more website traffic? Develop a marketing strategy and sticking to it will start you off in the right direction when it comes to self-promotion. Having this plan will keep you on track throughout the year with the hopes of still using it by mid-July.

Network more

Make it a priority to meet more people, learn about their business, how they are successful, and maybe even bounce ideas off one another. There is no one in the industry that understands you better than someone in the same position as you. There are also people in the industry who may need help. Consider being a mentor, take someone under your wing, show them the ropes, create relationships with other business owners. Joining your local business chamber can be an easy, non-intense way to start networking with like-minded individuals and prospective customers.

Set a budget and stick to it

A budget is something that everyone should have, sticking to it is another thing. Set a budget in different departments of your business, this way you will know where you can spend more and where you should cut back. This will also determine for the future where you could spend more money based on a successful budget and where you should cut back, if unsuccessful.


It can be hard to relinquish power when it comes to your business. You want to make sure that everything is done right and up to your standards. In order to be successful, there is a level of trust in your employees that comes with running a business. With this trust, do your best to delegate more.  Give them to other employees you trust with the task. Maybe there is someone you have in mind that can complete a task well in a shorter amount of time or someone that is more adequately suited to get it done.

Setting up resolutions can help with that first step in completing your goals. What are your New Years Resolutions? How do you stay motivated during the holidays? Have you completed any of these goals in previous years? Let us know! eMail [email protected]

And of course, best wishes throughout 2020 from everyone here at FitTech Hosting!